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Article: The Do’s & Don’ts when shopping for Mvse

The Do’s & Don’ts when shopping for Mvse

The Do’s & Don’ts when shopping for Mvse

Purchasing shapewear can be both liberating and confusing at the same time. One can just see oneself toned contoured but can also find themselves highlighting those parts of the body that one started out wanting to give a shapely look :) 

Here are some quick do’s and dont’s to buying Mvse tummy control shaping pants

  • Learn how to wear them. DONT force or tug and try to squeeze yourself into the tummy control pants. Gently scrunch the shaping band and work your way into the pants gently releasing the tummy control band gradually. The band is stretchy to accommodate wearing over the hips & butt so be gentle when wearing else it can lose its tummy control feature
  • DO be patient when getting into these tummy control high waist pants. Shapewear is always hard to get into. :) So pull them on gently and with ease and patience.



  • DO know which body part you are targeting and know the product before purchasing. Mvse tummy control shapewear high waist pants are designed to control and smooth the tummy bulge holding it in place in a snug and shapely manner. The fabric of these pants are stretchy giving one a perky butt and a shapely look to the hips and thighs.They are NOT compression shapewear which squeeze your tummy area or are a typical slimming shapewear which cannot be worn beyond a few hours. So read fully about these Mvse tummy control shaping high waist pants and be fully knowledgeable about what you are purchasing. 




  • DO try the tummy control pants to be sure they are of your correct size and are suitable to your body type. Exchange for another size if you feel there is room for better shaping without being unflattering to other parts of your body. 
  • DONT purchase a smaller size as the same can not only be unflattering but also can cause health problems. (read about our blog on why you should never wear smaller sized shapewear)




  • DO wash your garment before wearing & DO pay attention to the wash care instructions and follow them for the sake of maintaining the quality & utility of your Mvse tummy control pants. 
  • DONT expect to totally change the way you look!! Shapewear is only meant to enhance and help give a better contoured shape to your present body by smoothing lumps for a better silhouette. Use them only for the aesthetics of it. The only long term solution for a fit toned body is following a healthy & fit lifestyle! 







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