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What are MVSE Tummy Control Pants?
MVSE Tummy Control Pants are pants dedicated to solving a single large problem of many women that is to hold-in your tummy area. With the tallest 8 inches of tummy control band built into the pants / leggings, they give a 360 degree core support to give you and the perfect natural shape, everytime! We made them because we didn’t find any bottom-wear options that “really“ focused on solving this one major problem many of us face, everyday. They boost your confidence every time you put them on.

Why do I need MVSE Tummy Control Pants?
If you are conscious of your tummy when you are getting dressed, or avoid wearing your choice of clothes because of your tummy / mid area, then these pants / leggings are for you. They will hold in your tummy and shape you naturally, unlike any pants or jeans that actually cut us right in the middle of our tummy area.

What are the benefits of wearing these MVSE tummy control pants?
The benefits of wearing tummy control pants are higher confidence, reduced appearance of tummy area, a smoother silhouette, a more shapely you!.. And of course the unlimited wardrobe options it opens up.

How does MVSE tummy control technology work?
The magic is in the Tummy control band - which is made of the tallest 8-inches of excellent mix of design & technology, by using strategic panels or shapewear built into the pants to gently yet effectively smooth the midsection.

Are MVSE tummy control pants comfortable to wear?
Yes, tummy control pants are designed to be comfortable to wear all day. Infact they have no Zips or buttons, so they are more flexible and adaptable to your sizes each day. They fit you, and not you fit into them. Made from soft, stretchy fabric and with a flat waistband for added comfort.

What are MVSE tummy control pants made of?
MVSE Tummy Control pants are available in Cotton and Poly options. Both have a high mix of elastane for added comfort & style. Provides support and helps smooth and shape the midsection.

Can MVSE tummy control pants be worn for any occasion?
Except while you are pregnant, or have any medical condition that doesn’t allow tight garments, Yes, tummy control pants can be worn for almost anything. They pair perfectly with western tops or shirts or Indian longer kurtas, and sarees even.

What sizes do MVSE tummy control pants come in?
Tummy control pants are size inclusive and range from S - XXL. As these are functional garments - getting the size right is very important. Pls Check the size chart provided by the brand for accurate sizing.

Can MVSE tummy control pants be worn during pregnancy?
NO! (Pls check out our sister brand : Mamacouture ( for excellent collection for maternity & feeding)