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Where it started

MVSE : 2021 

We asked Mvse Founder, Shradha Sud, a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, why she created Mvse, and she said "I love to solve real problems for women. It gives me great joy. Tell me the problem & I shall give you the simplest yet most effective solution!"

"Mvse" pronounced as "muse", and means "creative inspiration".  She believes that each woman is first an inspiration to herself. Armed with 5 years of entrepreneurship experience, & driven with the focus of solving a genuine problem for women, Shradha Sud “created” MVSE - a high waisted + all day tummy control pants.

She takes her solutions / inventions very seriously :-) so she applied for a Patent in India on Mvse, & is on the list of Female Inventors in India. Now that's just sweet!! :-)
Mvse is created to let women be who they are & more. To not be limited by waist sizes or fits, or body shapes or trends. MVSE stands for freedom from conforming to sizes. We stand for fluidity, moving forward & realising & energising our feminine energy.

MVSE is proudly Made in India, & first of its kind in the WORLD! 
We aspire for every woman to be her own Muse!
We shall be cheering for them all the way - everyday!



Before MVSE - She created Mamacouture in 2015

Shradha Sud was a corporate lawyer & when she got pregnant in 2015, she couldnt find maternity clothes, that allowed her to feel like herself.  So while pregnant she also "conceived" Mamacouture. She says it was like having "twins".
Driven to stand for the cause to make women dress true to their identity, she started her first brand "Mamacouture", & the MAMACOUTURE revolution began! Her most famous piece loved by all preggy women were her Straight Track Pants with the famous FAB POUCH belly. She championed "fitness during  pregnancy" through Mamacouture.
Going from FAB POUCH to FAB PACK - she is determined to cater to ALL women!

See her time map below:


The year of lockdowns & restarts. We continued improvising & innovating the design. And testing the market & chating with 100s of women to know what would help solve this problem.


Filed for Patent in India.

Post combating 2 Covid cycles. Mvse was launched with all team cheering behind it, for last 9 months. Its truly our 2nd baby!!