Why we say Mvse is better than your other pants! 


We say the pants have got to be high waist, just like your style quotient!! 

Ever struggled with fits of mid to low rise bottoms? Either they're tight at the waist, cutting right at the middle of your tummy or they cause gapping at the waist because you're in between sizes. 

Both scenarios cause discomfort making one want to constantly adjust and wiggle in the clothing all the time. Definitely not a happy scenario!! 

It's for situations like these that high waist pants returned as the rage in fashion. But then again, for those feeling a little bloated on a particular day (thanks to a binging night or simply a case of PMS), that funny tummy bloat can tend to stick out in regular high waist pants. On such days, you are left constantly adjusting the gaping zipper or hiding it, especially in those typical jeans and zipped pants.

Definitely not a desired wardrobe feature!!

AND that's HOW Mvse fits into your wardrobe perfectly. For those bloaty days or days when your regular pants don't fit right per your style mood.       

What makes Mvse pants different from other available high waist pants?

- Mvse is a high waist pant, with a built-in secret Tummy Control feature. So while having a high rise fit, the shaping high waist band gently hugs and holds in the stomach to give a smooth, contoured shapely appearance to the tummy and waist area. 



- The high waist band covers, holds in and controls the "muffin top" sides creating a sleek elegant waist line.  

- The pants have been designed with NO zipper or button attachments. It’s a simple pull up & wear style. Hence when worn, you will not find yourself struggling with those gaping zipper lines or zips which won't stay up on their own! 

 - The high waist of the pants ride over the waist and stomach area sitting comfortably below the rib cage, while holding the tummy in a shapely way. So no discomfort is experienced from the pants waistband cutting into the stomach and love handles when sitting or going about your daily chores. 


- Unlike high waist leggings/ tights, the high waist of Mvse pants DON'T Roll Down or fold over when sitting or bending or walking. 

 - Made in super soft & breathable fabric, once worn, Mvse pants don't leave any red marks or elastic marks on the skin.

 -  Designing the tummy control functionality of Mvse pants led to added features of giving a toned, contoured and uplifted look to the hips, thighs and butt area too. 



All in all, wearing comfortable yet smartly designed clothing is the key to feeling confident to your fullest. In Mvse, thanks to its perky uplifting and shapely fit, every girl feels confident, tall and as is encouraged to flaunt her best version!!

Convinced HOW & WHY Mvse pants work for you?

If still wondering if & how they will work for your body type specifically, drop us a line below.    



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qooxuwerusob November 05, 2022

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oborirkanibic November 05, 2022

What if they roll down? Is there a return policy?

Deepali November 03, 2022

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