What is MVSE?

"Mvse", pronounced as "Muse" means "creative inspiration"!
We believe that each one of us is a muse or an inspiration to herself first, and then to the world!
Do you see the "ME" in "Muse"!
We like to make our our moulds, and break any restrictions and boundaries defined for us.
When its comes to clothes we have researched that most of us don't wake up looking for feeling the same each day. So why should we expect ourselves to fit into tailored clothes that have a defined and definite size that does not change as per us!        
So we created MVSE!!  The ONLY high waisted pants in the world (yes the world) with REAL Tummy control function built in.
How cool is that?!
Tummy Control pants like this have never been created before.
Read all about their features and more on their PAGE. 
'Coz, here we want to share WHY we created them, and what MAGIC they can do FOR YOU!
Why did we create them? 
We have been in the fashion business for last 6 years, and with all the learning from our first brand, we learnt one BIG secret that all women look at their tummies when they shop :-)!! Is that true for you too? Well, it was enough for us to start our innovation! 
So we have created these spectacular tuck-in pants for ALL women, who may need a little help with their tummy on any day!
What is the MAGIC in them?
Simply - The constructed design! They really, really, really do hold in your tummy, lift your butt, and fit like a glove on your lower body, without squeezing you!
Whether you want to lift your mood, or just feel more confident, or wear your secret fav crop top :-) (like many of us), just slip these on and go on with yout life.
Yes its magic!
Expand your wardrobe infinite times. Super versatile, and your perfect anytime - anywhere pants.  
With Blouses                      Knotted Tops                               
tummy tucker pants,  
Slinky Tops 
Tops that you avoided, can now easily be worn, like that halter top:
 tummy tucker Pants
We are sure you will love them!
Share your feedback with us, on how you felt their magic in your life.
Share your images in them on our social handles on Instagram / Facebook.
We look forward to hearing from you!   

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