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Article: 10 Cool Styling Looks with MVSE Pants

10 Cool Styling Looks with MVSE Pants

10 Cool Styling Looks with MVSE Pants

10 cool looks with MvSE High Waist Tummy Control Pants

What are MvSe pants?

They are high waisted pants with an actual and proper tummy control function incorporated into the design. 

Are they easy to style and are for all body types? 

Absolutely YES!!! You will be surprised at how easy it is to style these high waist pants, regardless of age and all body types, especially with the tummy bulge being taken care of!! :) 

The slim high waist long legged appearance in these pants, when teamed with the right blouse or shirt, makes for a professional work appropriate look or be carried to a fun weekend evening look, from summer to winter.  Once you have been able to identify your personal style, you will realise these MvSE pants  are just the staple wear you have been waiting for. 

Here are some easy ways to help style Mvse high waist tummy control pants to get you started. 

  1. Crop tops

Crop tops are one of the easiest to wear and style with MvSE, as they look especially flattering with a pair of high waisted pants. With the tummy and hips held in shape by the tummy control feature of these high waist pants, crop tops can make for a fun summer ensemble with MvSE. 

If you are a petite size or someone with shorter legs, this is one of the best outfit combinations that can instantly elongate your legs and create the illusion of height.

Insert images (Karishma, Radhika)

  1. Bralettes. 

There is no limit when it comes to styling a bralette. One can wear them on their own as a top, or if in the mood for “not too much skin” baring options, wear them underneath a sheer oversized t-shirt, a button down, under a jacket or a blazer. 

Teamed with high heels and MvSE pants, you would’ve nailed HOT!! 

Insert images (Sanskriti, Kangna)

  1. White button down shirts

A white button-down is a must-have for every wardrobe, given the versatility it offers for styling. 

Tuck it into these high waist pants and accessorize them with a simple or a statement jewellery piece for a chic yet fuss free day look.

If you have an oversized white shirt, simply leave it out with the bottom buttons open, pair with sneakers for a trendy fun casual look. 

Insert Images (Khushboo, Payal)

  1. Tshirts

A smart well fitted t-shirt with high waisted pants is flattering on anyone, if you want an easy but flawless look. A plain white t-shirt is great if you would like to achieve a great look in the shortest time.

Insert Images (Varsha, Ravina)

  1. Bodysuits and Camisoles

When paired with high-waisted pants, Bodysuits & Camisoles look flattering thanks to their slim fit tailoring. This is a feminine sexy, minimalist yet chic look with a slim waist look, giving you added confidence, especually if you happen to have a tummy pooch concern. 

Add in some smarts, with a long shrug or trench coat and boots, and watch heads turn :)   

Insert Images (Gabby)

  1. Formal shirts

Ready to party? Then pair these high waisted pants with a fancy shirt or blouse. Tuck it in or leave it out, put on your party heels and you are ready to rock the town.  The tummy tuck feature gives the appearance of a smooth and toned waistline with a sculpted hip section, taking the chic smart look notches up. 

Insert Images ( Shelly Singh, Sanskriti, Sherin). 

  1. Denim jackets

A denim jacket paired with high-waisted pants is the ultimate casual chic outfit. It is a casual, laid back piece that can be styled with different other pieces underneath (tank tops, camisoles/ bodysuits, bra tops, etc) offering a flattering fun look, regardless of your age and body shape.

  1. Sports bra

Perfect look for a gym or home workout. While the high waist tummy control band provides the adequate core support during workouts, the well fitted sports bra gives the added confidence and oomph factor as you sweat it out at the machines. 

Insert Images (Parina)

  1. Pullovers or Jumpers

Pullovers are convenient fuss free styling in wintery weather. A pullover when layered with a shirt underneath can be peppy and add style worn with your high-waisted pants.

A perfect winter look recommendation would be to pair MvSE high waist pants with a deep earthy ribbed pullover, partially tucked in and teamed with calf length boots for full on snugly wintery vibes.

Insert Images (Gabby)

  1. Offshoulder tops

Offshoulder tops are feminine and a sexy but subtle way to show some skin as an alternate to low neckline tops and the likes which everyone may not be comfortable carrying. 

Wear a dressy offshoulder style with MvSE high waist tummy control pants, for a simple yet dressy outfit. 



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