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Article: Mvse for your Formal Wardrobe

Mvse for your Formal Wardrobe

Mvse for your Formal Wardrobe

How to style Mvse for Formal Occassions!

Absolutely in love and in dream comfort in the high waist tummy control Mvse pants?

We are sure you just don’t want to take them off and wear them everywhere you can!!

A key design aspect that was kept in mind when designing Mvse; they should keep you comfortably and smartly dressed morning, noon & night! If you are conscious of a bulgy tummy, then with the tummy control feature of Mvse pants, you are sure to feel dressed confident chic and in control at all your formal occasions!!

We have seen and loved how many of our muses have styled our high waist Mvse pants for their formal wear.

Let us show you some of the stylings we have absolutely loved.  Do tell us which of these style inspirations resonates with your personal style statement most?

1. Pair with a white round top & blazer: An easy but impactful look. Slip on sleek heels and with a dab of light nude tones day make up, discover the boss lady in you ready to conquer the day!



2. Pair with a same color tone shirt & tuck it into the waistband for a long sleek sharp & shapely look. Complete the look for a busy day at work meetings with combed back hair, black heels and a boxy office bag. We call this look sexy sharp but sassy chic!




3. Go monotone with the top for a taller slender look. To add punch to the OOTD, slip on a contrasting blazer for a layered look.



4. Pair with a regular solid shirt & heels for a powerful day look at work.


5. Style it with a short loose fit blouse for the ultimate tall slender look. 




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