Are they shapewear?

Mvse pants… you see and wonder if they are shapewear, or tummy control pants or contour pants. Let us talk a little about these special bottom wear for women which are so much more than regular shaper pants. 

These pants are not just tummy control pants but have so much more functionality and style besides the shapewear aspect. Mvse Pants are a combination of fabric and design that make them ideal bottom wear for an all-day wear.

Mvse tummy control pants are figure enhancing, they are body contouring and at the same time so comfortable UNLIKE regular shapewear. They may be called tummy control pants, but that’s not the identity of these pants. One does not need to have a protruding tummy to own these pants. All women have different shapes and these high waisted pants are suitable for all body shapes, whether tall, short, slim or heavy. 


A feature that separates the Mvse pants from regular shapewear is that it is not inner wear, and it does not add to the layering of your outfits. These are pants that double up as the shapewear and firm and shape the tummy.  Every woman who is looking for shapewear will be surprised by the functionality of these pants as well as the style and wearability.


Style Up with Mvse

Mvse Pants make you look sleek and shape you up…not just tummy tucker pants, they have a special patented band that enhances you in a way that no shapewear can achieve. Mvse pants are all about comfort and style wrapped around you and making you feel confident about yourself. They can be styled with any outfit whether formal, partywear, active wear or just casually with a T-shirt. Run wild with your styling ideas and maximize ways you can wear these Mvse Pants. These pants are a combination of comfort and style that can only be experienced … so go for it and get your own Mvse!! 


Body positive - Ideal for all body shapes

Whatever the body shape and size, Mvse pants do not promote body shaming, neither do these Mvse pants claim to constrain you in figure hurting material. These tummy tucker pants have the benefits of shapewear but they are so comfortable that they feel like second skin to you. You can move around in your Mvse pants flaunting and embracing your body.

The Mvse pants promote body positivity and are suitable for all women whether they are looking for a good fit, smart looks, stylish formal wear or plain shaper pants. They are not targeted at a particular body type, and they are not slimming pants, but they are a boon for women of all sizes. They shape the tummy without cutting into skin or going into folds. Mvse Pants are high waisted tummy control pants that shape your body and the results shape your confidence too. 



Wearability – Mvse is not a compression garment

One widely known fact is that most shapewear cannot be worn for long hours, as they are mostly compression garments that aim to flatten or compress specific areas, but that’s not the case with Mvse high waisted pants. The most remarkable feature about these tummy control pants is the special design that makes it more of a contouring garment which enhances your body shape and provides firmness to the tummy area. This also makes these tummy control pants very wearable and comfortable live-in pants that can be worn at all times. 


Are the Mvse Tummy control pants comfortable

Mvse Pants are designed in a way that they provide tummy support without compromising on the comfort or the look of the outfit. The high waited panel supports the tummy as well as the back and instantly improves the posture too. These pants come in a fabric that can be worn through the day and for all kinds of activities. 

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