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Article: How to Choose & Use Shapewear for best results

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How to Choose & Use Shapewear for best results

Working hard to get that desired gorgeously toned hot-bod with a perky rear, sculpted hips & shapely smooth waistline

Your workout routine is definitely the best and most sustainable long term plan to achieve that!! Though we all agree it will not happen overnight and can take a while. So while you work on making your body leaner and fit, an immediate quick fix for the meantime is owning the right shapewear.

Shapewear in recent years has gained immense popularity, such that it now comes in a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics. How do you decide which will work best for your body, your wardrobe and most importantly your daily lifestyle? Shapewear is known to be uncomfortable, constricting both movement & breathing, so much so that one usually can’t wait to get out of it at the end of the day.  

We agree that choosing the right shapewear can get tricky. Size, fabric, which ones to select to shape which part of the body etc are so many aspects to consider. 

Here's our simple guide to choosing the best shapewear for you: 

Stick to your size

Most think that to get that toned sculpted look in an outfit means to “downsize” in the shapewear. This is an absolutely incorrect fact. A smaller sized shapewear will not only be super uncomfortable making it near impossible to breathe, eat or sit, they also cause those awkward bulges to appear at parts of your body you were looking to smoothen in the first place, and resultantly "make you look bigger”. 

Follow the size charts and stick to your outerwear size (skirts, dresses, pants you regularly wear) when choosing your shapewear


When purchasing your shapewear, it will also help to sit down and walk around while wearing it to make sure that you are comfortable in them and also helps you know that the piece stays in place once worn and moving about. 

Check for construct of the piece

When selecting  shapewear, it’s fabric & designing play a key role. If you are looking for a highly altered tucked feel shapewear, then choose ones with higher nylon content. By feeling the garment, you will get a sense of the level of shaping you will get. Heavier pieces are usually designed with compression zones that will suck and tuck your body into your desired shape. 

Fabrics that feel lightweight are more likely to simply give a smooth contoured look around the targeted areas on your figure without seeming like they are sucking the air out of you. 

Choose fabric wisely

Shapewear to serve its purpose are usually made in a mix of nylon and spandex fabrics. Higher the nylon spandex content in the shapewear, the more you can achieve a body tucking transformation. 

But these fabrics can tend to be sticky, make you sweat, not airy or breathable for the skin, making it very uncomfortable to wear & take off, rubbing against the skin and reddening it badly. This is especially true for summer months and in humid climates. 

We suggest shopping for lightweight shapewear made in cotton blends and microfibers that allow the skin to breathe and don’t cause odour. 

Identify body areas you wish to target: 

When choosing the shapewear best for you, you first need to decide the area of your body you are looking to shape or tuck. 

You need to decide whether you want to flatten the tummy, cinch your waist smaller, control the muffin tops, hide the love handles, smoothen and/ or lift your rear or tone flabby hips & thighs. 

When you start looking you will see there is a shapewear for each one of your objectives. Which can be both overwhelming and confusing. You may desire that perfect figure, but don’t like wearing bodysuits. Or just have the one “problem” area to target so don’t see the point in wearing tight corsets or one piece high waist shapewears. 

In this case, you will need to identify the “use” of your shapewear to suit your particular need. 


Given the wide world of shapewear, we have some quick pointers to help you select the shapewear basis your specific usage. 


How to Use shapewear: 

  • Opt for bodysuits for a full body flattering effect. They are designed in a way that helps you seem toned all over. Perfect for wearing under dresses and skirt & tops. 
  • High waisted thigh length corsets help smoothen, lift and sculpt the thighs,hips & butt for the perfect round sculpted appearance while enhancing the torso for an overall shapely figure. Perfect to wear under dresses, skirts and trousers when paired with shirts/ blouses. 
  • Opt for bra shapers to contour, lift and support breasts. The extra support and everyday shaping in the bust area gives many women a lot of confidence. Wear this for a shapely contoured look under your shirts/ blouses and dresses if you have a heavier torso and narrow lower half of the body.  
  • Corsets, tummy tucker bands or waist shapers help flatten the tummy, hold in the muffin tops and love handles for a well-defined shape, which most women work hard for in their workout routines. These are more targeted shapewear and can be worn under any outfit. 

How to Use Mvse as a shapewear

If you are looking for comfortable, easy to wear, daily wear shaping outfits, we highly recommend Mvse tummy controlling high waist pants. Mvse can fetch you the curves and sculpted silhouette you desire to get your dream shape, skillfully hiding any bulges along the way. MvSe high waist pants give an invisible smoothening and lift to the body, helping you feel more confident and bold!




Unlike all the shapewear discussed above, Mvse is an outerwear with a built in shaping  & contouring feature. It is a one piece built in contouring pants which gives the body a toned seamless smooth look right from hips, thighs to waist and torso. So it can be worn as your daily wear pants with a top of your choosing, for an all day comfortable shaping.  

If you are yet to unlock the magic of Mvse tummy control pants, prepare to have your world rocked. Once you wear them, it’s almost like someone took an iron to you and smoothed out all your mid-section bulges, giving you a toned sculpted shapely look. 


If they fit snug and comfortably on the waist it can seem like at war to pull them up the hips & highs. On the otherhand some are are just the right fit around hips, then it doesn’t really sit well on the troubling tummy & waist and not giving the desired smooth sculpted look. 


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