A tummy is always a concern area that gets the most unwanted attention. Unless you have strict eating habits or a killer workout schedule or blessed with great genetics, chances are that the tummy troubles you. 😊 Tummy control pants or tummy control shapewear, offering help in these areas are much needed & by most of us today.

Shapewear or contouring clothes are not needed by only large sized women, but we have come to learn that almost all women irrespective of their size, do feel conscious of their tummy.

So, for whatever reason one has a tummy that causes them any sort of concern, should be provided a solution.

So then, when do you need Tummy control pants ?

What are your requirements when you set out to buy Tummy control pants or Tummy control shapewear?

We have tried to break this down for you:

PURPOSE: Starting with the most important point, in our view, is to check if the garment was made with the essential purpose of solving the tummy control problem. So, a tummy control shapewear or a tummy control pants should really hold in the tummy, not roll down and not squeeze the life out of you. You should be able to wear it all day. With multiple endless styles.  

MVSE PURPOSE: Mvse is created for the single purpose of solving the tummy issue. By simply holding in the tummy & naturally contouring it, the body looks different, and you feel great!  Why should we wear clothes that don’t fit us everyday? We should be free to be whoever we want and not restricted by sizes, buttons & zips. 



STRUCTURE / DESIGN: Shapewear garments generally are made with either too thin and synthetic fabric that cut and squeeze you, or very hard & tough fabric that squeeze you and don’t let you breathe. You cant wait to take them off.

MVSE STRUCTURE / DESIGNMVSE has designed the pants to have a strong yet gentle hold with a 360 degree grip / hold around the tummy & back and so it holds it in. The Pants have the tallest torso cover.  They don’t roll down. And they don’t squeeze you.  


FIT: Once you are sure of the above, try to ascertain if the fit of the product is flattering to your body shape or height.  Different styles look good on different body types.  Each one of us knows what looks best on us – so you may look at trends to be updated about styles and try new things, but don’t follow trends if they don’t make you feel your best each day.

Crop Length: Almost anyone could carry off this length.

Ankle length: This too works well with all heights. But especially shorter height will benefit.

Floor Length: This is mostly for taller heights. 

MVSE FIT: These are just below ankle length. They fit around the hips and shape your butt. They fit like a glove down from the thigh, and then open a bit as we go down.  They are smart, slim & straight fit. Style them with anything and for any occasion – from work to work out!

FABRIC: Now, the fabric is a very personal choice. You instantly love it or you hate it. The fabric can make or break the product.  So, its our view that fabric should be stretchy, soft and luxurious. Tummy control pants or tummy tucker shapewear should also be made with good quality soft fabric.


MVSE FABRIC: The most soft and luxurious elastane fabric, with an additional tech wash to enhance its softness to the max.

There are many other factors that help make a shapewear garment really effective in tummy controlling.

Tummy area is a cause of concern for many women, who feel self-conscious with the bulging areas around the waist. Different people need Tummy control pants for different reasons.

Sometimes it’s the post pregnancy tummy that’s the reason to go looking for tummy control wear or it’s the bloating that gets to you, or sometimes the love handles need to be taken care of. Whatever the reason, Mvse Pants are your answer for the best high waisted pants with the tummy control solution.


(“MVSE” pronounced as “muse” means “creative inspiration”.

We believe each woman is a muse to herself, & she inspires herself the most.)


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