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These high waisted Tummy Control Pants have a uniquely constructed, broad & high waisted fit around the full height of the waist, in high stretch fabric, attached to fabulous slim & straight fit pants.

These high waisted tummy tuckers pants : MVSE - run TRUE TO SIZE. 

They are as true to you, as you are to your size. :-)  

Buying the correct size of contoured clothing or shapewear or tummy tucker pants can be a game changer in your styling tricks, but if you go too small or even too large, that total defeats the purpose, and in fact may cause issues.    

SO it is absolutely essential that you stay true to your current size

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to get your size spot on. The key to doing this would be before buying a shapewear, refer to the shapewear size chart, and figure out which size suits you best.

So look for clothes / shapewear that work on your natural curves and though they should have a strong & firm grip, but not suffocate or squeeze-in your body.   

tummy control pants


It is advisable that you buy the right size of shapewear. If you have any questions regarding your size, check out our SIZE CHART on the product page to get the correct tummy tucker pants for yourself. 

Pls do not size down as that would be suffocating for the body (and mind).  We can enjoy any size we are in.  High waisted tummy control or tummy tucker pants like MVSE are made for you to enjoy more styles in your wardrobe without feeling restricted by your tummy (in case you do feel restricted). 

You should also initially wear your shapewear for smaller durations of time and only once you are used to the compression wear it for longer periods of time.


Some of the issues you may feel are loss of blood circulation, numbness & tingling, cysts, acid reflux, etc. One of the most common effects of opting for smaller size shapewear size is numbness in legs or feet which is caused due to nerves getting compressed resulting in cutting off blood circulation and / or causing blood clots. 

One other disadvantage of donning body shapers that are too tight is that it can result in a condition called 'meralgia paresthetica', that causes numbness, pain and tingling in your legs. This generally happens because of a key nerve in your thighs being compressed.  

Acid reflux generally happens with smaller tummy control shapewear as it sits over your stomach and intestines. The compression provided by smaller shapewear means that your stomach, intestines and colon are compressed, which can then result in acid reflux and heartburn. 


How to measure:

     1. Waist : Measure around the fullest part of your waist. (usually around the center / belly button)  

NOTE: As this is a High-Waisted Belly Fitted structure, try to fit your measurement number in the middle of a range. For Example: If you Waist measures 32 or 34 inches - then pls select M size (falling in 30 - 34 range).

    2. Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips. 

With that, we have come to an end for this blog. We hope this was informative and answered your questions as to why you should never opt for smaller sized shapewears or why you should wear true to size tummy tucker pants. 

Now confidently head over to the Best High Waisted Pants with Tummy control from.


May i know the largest size in black trousers ?.

Shalini Tyagi December 16, 2022

May i know the largest size

Shalini Tyagi December 16, 2022

Hi, what’s the inseam length of the pants. I’m 5’11" so I’m pretty concerned whether it fits me or not.

Vijaya September 23, 2022

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