How to Care for your Mvse


Enjoy the best results from your favourite pair of MvsE high waist tummy control pants by extending their life with utmost love & good care.

Why you should take care of your Mvse Pants.

We know that once you have Mvse in your wardrobe, they will become your weekly (if not daily!!) go-to pants. But for them to continue to get your unfaltered love, they should be able to serve you for the purpose you purchased them!! If not taken care of properly, you could be disappointed to find that they start losing their shape and effectiveness.

Easy care tips for MvSE tummy control pants

Ensure, you get the longest, most effective use out of your MVse tummy control pants by knowing how to wash them & wear them properly. Just follow these simple tips & your tummy control pants will stay loyal to you forever:

- Give them a gentle wash regularly, to help the fabric stay contracted. The condition of the fabric is key to the tummy & body shaping feature of these high waist pants. We suggest that you avoid wearing these pants more than a couple of times before washing for best results. Too many wear leads to the fabric losing shape. 

- Be especially mindful of caring for the elastine tummy control band. If not taken care with utmost care, the tummy controlling band can lose shape easily, resulting in it getting loose or giving a shapeless fit around the high waist & tummy area. ALWAYS Always hand-wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly well and flat dry. Flat dry is important so that the water weight does not stretch out the fabric and so stretching out the tummy controlling band. Once it is completely dry, fold well & store in a dry non humid wardrobe space. 

- Remember cold water effectively shrinks the material back into its proper shape. Cold wash helps keep intact the construction of these high waist tummy controlling pants & the stretchy fabric used in these MVse pants for giving you that shapely, contoured and sculpted look around the waist, thighs and hips. Hence water temperature is key to the longer life of these high waist fashion pants.  

- It is recommended to always wash these MVse pants inside out to avoid any fading and staining.

- DO NOT wring dry or twist to squeeze dry. This can damage the elastine of the tummy shaping & control band, making it lose its contouring shape. To remove excess water, gently squeeze the pants between your hands and put them out to flat dry. 

- Using the right type of detergent is key to the longevity of your MVse pants. Any detergents that contain dyes, fragrances, alcohol, softeners or bleach can irreparably damage your Mvse pants by breaking down their fabric construction & loosening the elastine of the tummy controlling band. Remember to use mild detergents for all garments containing eleastine for ensuring their long life.

- Finally, always air-dry your MVse high waist tummy control pants in the shade & not under the harsh direct sunlight typical of India. This is recommended to avoid fading/ discoloration of the fabric and also to avoid them losing their snug shapely fit. 

- FLAT Dry always. These high waist pants are made in specially treated athleisure stretchy fabric, which if hung to dry, they stretch out, losing shape and resultantly their effectiveness.

- These tummy shaping pants do not need ironing. But if you still feel the need, make sure to iron on low heat using a muslin so as to not directly apply heat to the fabric. Preferably, iron them inside out. Remember, direct heat can lead to discoloration of the fabric, spoil the gorgeous Mvse heart motif and can potentially burn the elastane/ fabric. 

Make them last!

With the right wear and care, your Mvse high waist shaping pants will give you the comfort, performance and effectiveness you want through years of wearing. Refer to our wash care instructions on the pants or contact us with any more questions about proper care for your favourite tummy control pants ever.

Follow these instructions, and keep you and your Mvse tummy control pants looking sprightly for longer. :)  


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How to Care for your Mvse – MVSE

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How to Care for your Mvse – MVSE

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How to Care for your Mvse – MVSE

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How to Care for your Mvse – MVSE

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