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Article: Why & What is a Patent: Understanding it from Mvse’s customer & brand perspective.

Why & What is a Patent: Understanding it from Mvse’s customer & brand perspective.

Why & What is a Patent: Understanding it from Mvse’s customer & brand perspective.

From a customer trust perspective, Patents can play a significant role in establishing credibility and fostering trust. Here's why:

1. Quality Assurance:

The process of getting a patent involves a thorough examination of the invention's novelty, utility, uniqueness and differentiation. Obtaining a patent signifies that the invention has met stringent criteria and has been deemed valuable by patent examiners.

Customers then naturally perceive patented products or technologies as being of higher quality and reliability and trustworthy, as they have passed a rigorous evaluation process.

2. Proof of Innovation:

When a brand holds a patent for its products design & technologies, it demonstrates a commitment to innovation and in Mvse’s case; a unique problem solving goal.

Patents serve as tangible evidence that the brand and it’s owners develop unique and novel solutions in their respective industry thus carving a niche for themselves.

This then builds customer confidence in the brand and it’s product ability to deliver cutting-edge one of a kind products (or services)


3. Competitive Differentiation:

In a crowded marketplace, patents can set a brand and it’s product apart from other products thus creating and maintaining a niche market for itself. Having exclusive rights to a patented technology or invention gives the brand a unique selling proposition. Customers may be more inclined to choose a product or service that is protected by patents, as it signifies a distinct advantage over similar offerings in the market.

4. Assured Market Presence:

Patents provide companies with a certain level of market exclusivity during the patent's term (usually 20 years from the filing date). This protection helps prevent competitors from easily replicating or imitating the patented invention, ensuring that the brand can maintain its market presence and competitive advantage while continuing to innovate and build on the patented product.

Customers tend to be more likely to trust and invest in products (or services) that are backed by solid intellectual property rights.


5. Future Development and Support:

Patents encourage companies to invest in further research and development. Knowing that their innovative efforts can be protected by patents, brands and their owners are more likely to continue investing in new technologies & designs, improvements, and more customer-centric solutions.

This ongoing commitment to innovation can inspire customer trust, as they see the company as dedicated to continuously improving and delivering value for them.

Overall, patents can enhance customer trust by signaling innovation, quality, differentiation, market exclusivity, and future development. They provide customers with confidence in a company's ability to deliver unique and reliable products or services, ultimately strengthening the customer-company relationship.

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