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Article: Fitness & Mvse

Fitness & Mvse

Fitness & Mvse

Fitness and Mvse go hand-in-hand!

We are proud to say, Mvse tummy control pants and leggings both have been designed to encourage a healthy & fit body & mind, encouraging women everyday to love their bodies and to take care of it with love and kindness.  

Mvse, being a high waist tummy control pant provides support and helps enhance the effectiveness of your workout.

Wearing Mvse tummy control pants during exercise helps support your core muscles, being the tummy/ abdomen and back muscles and improves posture when performing the specific exercise routine.

Ways in which Mvse tummy control pants support your fitness journey can be: 

Provide support & stability to the core muscles: 

The high waist tummy control band, holds in the abdomen muscles, supporting the core in place which helps stabilize the worked on muscles during the exercise. In turn, it thus helps maintain proper form during the specific exercise routine thereby reducing risks of injury.  


Improved Posture 

The high waist tummy control band of the Mvse pants/ Mvse leggings help improve one's posture by providing 360 degree support to the core muscles, thereby keeping your posture erect and aligning the spine. This reduces strain on the back and neck when exercising and helps one breathe more deeply and effectively.



Weight Loss from extra sweating 

Getting the extra support from the tightness of the tummy control band, can increase sweating, hence encouraging your weight loss journey. Sweating helps the body get rid of toxins and can boost metabolism.

Boosts confidence & helps motivate to exercise regularly  

The fit and fabric of Mvse tummy control pants/ leggings helps enhance the shape of one's lower body, giving an uplifted perky butt, toned and shapely hips, thighs & waist. Also Mvse pants/ tummy control leggings help one feel more secure and supported when exercising resulting in higher comfort and confidence in workout clothes.

This comfort and confidence further motivates to reach your fitness goals, as it does give an indication of what your body can achieve. :)) 




It is however important to know that while Mvse shaping pants/ Mvse tummy control leggings can provide some support and benefits during exercise, it is surely NOT a substitute for regular physical activity which is necessary for overall health and well being of the body and mind. :))

Mvse pants are simply created to be your buddy lending support and encouragement through your fitness journey.  


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