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Article: Patented Construct of Mvse Pants: All You Need to Know

Patented Construct of Mvse Pants: All You Need to Know

Patented Construct of Mvse Pants: All You Need to Know

What is so unique about the patented construction & design of MVSE Tummy Control Pants?

By now, we all know that JUST a simple high waisted pant won’t hold one’s tummy in. So, if we created MVSE it had to be something that solved the tummy control problem with 100% accuracy.

Through this blog, anyone wishing to understand the uniqueness of Mvse pants from other high waist pants or shapewear, is explained. Whether it's the unique construction of the MVSE pants, the Patent, design and fabric details is all explained here. 

What is the uniqueness in construction of the Patented MVSE Pants:

Mvse pants are designed with a unique construction of the high waist by creating 3-levels of tummy control bands, which don’t allow the band to roll down. So, you get a strong hold with no squeezing or rolling down!!

Simple and effective!


This Patented waistband is also designed to eliminate the need for a drawstring or buttons or zips, making Mvse pants more comfortable to wear and flexible to your size each day. By doing this, the pants design ensures that on days when you feel bloaty or heavy on the tummy area, you don't need to switch out of the clothes. The stretchy tummy control band simply accommodates for size.  

By doing this, we've tried to ensure that MVSE pants are not JUST a stylish and functional garment but also a unique and patented product – Made in India by a female inventor

How did we decide the Fabrics for Mvse pants:

After at least 100 trials with real women of all shapes and sizes, we finally decided to offer the option of cotton elastane with 4-way stretch in the full garment. This special blend of materials makes MVSE Pants durable, flexible, and very comfortable, lightweight and breathable.


The Polyester elastane options also have moisture-wicking feature, which means they will keep you cool and dry even during intense workouts and activities.


About the Fit & Fall of Mvse pants:

Mvse pants are cut & tailored to be slim & straight – the perfect style to compliments all body types and sizes.

Not too tight or loose, or with too much flair or skinny fit.

The fabrics cut allows it to fit as pants and hence can be worn both for formal and semi-formal occasions.

The special four-way stretch fabric construction allows for a full range of
motions, making them perfect for active wear as well.

Our philosophy on Pockets

MVSE Pants don’t carry any pockets as it's design & construct doesn't allow for it (and so we decided to stay true to our product's problem-solving focus rather than feature building!)

However, the Mvse black leggings have been designed with unique pockets, which are strategically placed to provide for maximum functionality, featuring 1 side pocket designed to hold your phone & 1 front discreet inner band pocket for your keys or card or cash, keeping you handsfree.

Why do we say MVSE pants/ leggings are Unique?

MVSE products are unique because they combine fashion and function in a way that few other products/ bottom wear do.

MVSE pants are designed to be both comfortable and stylish while being high on functionality, making them perfect for a wide range of activities. The patented design of the pants, waistband and pockets adds to their functionality, making them a Must-Have for anyone who values comfort and convenience.

Mvse's Most IMPRESSIVE features that set them aside in the market of bottom wear can be summarised as: 

- Designed & Constructed as functional garments to solve the tummy control

- Its better than shapewear and regular pants, as the best of both garments is built into one. 

- Mvse offers REAL tummy control, shaping, compression, moisture-wicking, and breathability while being very comfortable & versatile. 


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